Free Language Template for Adopting the Style Guide

Downtown associations, Main Street programs and similar are frequently run by enthusiastic volunteers with no real planning background. Even if it is a paid position, it may be a really tiny organization with limited resources (time, skills, money, etc) to apply to the task at hand.

You are free to copy and paste the following to your own website and then edit it as you see fit, so long as you link to Project: SRO as a source somewhere on the page. Please and thank you.

(See: A note about the color scheme and style guide for a few ideas for other color schemes.)

Style Guide for Downtown (town name)

Rather than reinvent the wheel and write our own, we are adopting the style guide from Project: SRO. In short, we would like to encourage people to follow a Mid Century Modern aesthetic and a mostly brown, blue and white color scheme.
  • Base color: Warm dark brown (alt: Black)
  • Secondary color: Pale blue (alt: other shades of blue; other pale shades similar in value, like pink, pale green or beige)
  • Tertiary color: White (alt: Pale grey)
For additional information on how to use the color guidelines, please see Guidelines are Not Strict Rules and How to Use the Style Guide.